Il Deserto Rosso (1964)

                                 Some poster of the film (in spanish).

              PS: Contain some spoilers but nothing that much haha!
Il Deserto Rosso is an italian film from 1964 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, starring Monica Vitti and Richard Harris (and Irish actor).

Monica Vitti is Giuliana who is married to Ugo (Carlo Chionetti), a guy who works on the industries, they had a child and live in Italy. She suffered a car accident that left her traumatized. Later she meet a friend of her husband, an engineer called Corrado (Richard Harris), who starts to be interested in Giuliana.

        For me, this film not only talks about incommunicability (a recurring theme in Antonioni's films) but anguish, the best word to describe this film is anguish for sure. The husband of Giuliana already has become accustomed with the psychological conditions of her, and even though Corrado wanted to help her, he couldn't, because it was more than the accident, it was something very deep, that was very difficult even for her to understand. 

      In the middle of those machines and smoke, she felt lost, trying to find some way to go, to feel fine, a place that she could belong, and someone who could understand her. She don't find nothing of this, and her anguish consumes her more and more and at the end we can see that she hasn't very much of to do, so will continues to living in that way and feeling alone.

       The photography, the colours of the film are amazing, it works very well and Monica Vitti is in her apex as an actress. She gives all of herself to interpreted Giuliana and show her emotions, seriously, it was one of the best interpretations I've ever seen. 

               Monica Vitti on the film (I love her hair so much on it haha).

I believe this film is not for everybody, and maybe can be a bit monotonous for some people, but if you know Antonioni's work, this movie is not that different from his others but at the same time it's a very unique and special film.


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