a poetry to Liv Ullmann...

  Liv Ullmann is a norwegian actress, director and writer. She was more famous for doing Ingmar Bergman's films in the 60s and 70s, in which all them were swedish.

She is one my favorite human beings ever!! The first film I watched with her was Persona and I fell in love with her. Then, I watched more films with Liv and starting to read about her life, what an amazing woman!!! 

I have two best friends (lovely Priscilla and Pedro) who send letters to some famous artists and so, I ended up getting into that. They sent a letter to Liv Ullmann and after one year, they received a reponse of Liv! 

So, last year I did the same, I wrote a letter to Liv and sent to her two photos for autography, and with the help of my friend Pedro (he is brazilian as me and is the owner of this wonderful blog: http://anovicacinefila.blogspot.com.br/, here he writes about cinema, specially classic hollywood and others, and if you are a brazilian please check out this), I sended the letter to her!

At the end of this letter, I wrote her a poetry. It was funny, because I wrote this when I was working (on a library), and I just put all my feelings there. 

Liv the garden...

"I used to have a garden, I always wet the plants, give all they need,

But they looked so sad everyday...

They didn't grow up anymore, and I didn't knew what to do.

One day a friend gave to me a seed of daisy, 

And told me that one was really special and would make my garden happy, and the other plants would grow up...

So I planted on the garden and waited.

I gave the daisy, the name of Liv.

A few days later, the daisy started to grow and surprisingly the others flowers grew up too,

They started to shine and show happiness.

And now I got on the conclusion that... 

You are not only a flower on my garden,

You are the whole garden, which is composed by many lovely plants,

Colored flowers, like roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, violets.

The little animals and the human beings come everyday to visit the beauty of the whole garden,

Thanks to the special present of my friend, the little Liv!" 


I hope she can read this one day, it can be silly, but I wrote with my all heart <3


  1. Wow what a lovely tribute to Liv, it's so sweet, I am sure she will enjoy your letter and such beautiful poem ♥ Keep writing and being yourself always! love u <3

    1. Aw, thank you so much dear, I hope so, love you <3

  2. I love the poetry! Is beautiful! I'm sure Liv feel very happy and honored when you come to read this poem.kisses with love :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much dear! I hope she read this poetry Taty, I wrote with all my heart! Kisses for you too!

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  4. Oh, darling, what a lovely tribute, so sensitive and candid! I'm sure Liv will be amazed! ♥


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