Umberto D. (1952)

The poster of the movie.

I'm a fan of italian cinema, especially the old one and I'm always trying to discover other italian films.

I knew about Umberto D. but never watched and didn’t give so much attention to it, until one day I watched a documentary called "My Voyage to Italy" (later I want to make a post about it) by Martin Scorsese, and so, I started to be really interested in watch this film. It was amazing.

Umberto D. is the name of Umberto Domenico Ferrari, the mainly character of the film. He is an old man who lives in a poor place but he is dumped off, for not having paid the rent of the pension. So what remains for him is try to survive, alongside with his only companion, a dog called Flike.

The film shows the difficulties that Umberto D. faces in the poor part of Italy, dealing with the precarious situations of poverty, not knowing where to go but only trying to live with his dog.

Umberto D. (Carlo Battisti) and his dog Flike.

Maybe I could say that this film is my favorite by the director Vittorio De Sicca. This is one of the most remarkable films of the Italian neorealist cinema, which was a movement that deal with the social and economic reality of the time. The Italian cinema, principaly of that time, is one of my favorites and always touched me very deeply, because of the realism and sensitivity shown in some movies, and Umberto D. is one of them.

I saw this movie in a long time, but I can say that one of the scenes that most touched me was when Umberto loses his dog and does everything to find it, and that scene left me more and more nervous, but he finds Flike and I can breath again!

Movies that deal with old age always touch me, and now more, suddenly because I lost my two grandmothers recently. Umberto D. is interpreted by the Italian Carlo Battisti, who wasn't even an actor, but through his interpretation he acts in a realistic and sensibility way, really wonderful and touching.

I don't have much else to say, just that this film is all about marvelous dialogues and actuations. Through the sadness of this film, you can feel the emotion that this brings to us.


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