Sullivan's Travels (1941)

The poster of the movie (one of my favorite posters).

PS: Contain Spoilers.

Today I'm going to talk about one of the movies that most marked my life. The same is called Sullivan's Travels from 1941 directed by Preston Sturges.

John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea) is a diretor who wants to make a film about social problems, of the lives of the poorest people, who live in a sad reality with precarious conditions. But when the people who works with him tell that he don’t understand this reality, he decides to go on the streets by his own way and try to experience the poverty, the real situtation of those people.

I was a teenager when I saw the film. It was always passing the propaganda of the movie on TCM (of America Latina), and that was the time I was recently into classic movies, discovering new movies, a new world.

What I remember is that the movie was passing at night and I watched in a little TV in my sister’s room. The movie touched me deeply, and I felt more in love with classic hollywood.

I will never forget how excited I was when I watched it, everything on this movie works so well. I love Joel McCrea on the movie, but the person who totally captivated me in this film was the character of Veronica Lake, who doesn’t have a specific name on the movie, just known as "the girl". She is a girl who John meets on snack bar, that wants to be an actress but don't have an opportunity. She's a sweet and good person, maybe she's lost but has many dreams.

Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea.

The characters of Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea has a great chemestry, they pass for many experiencies, they meet new horizons and deal with good and bad situations. The rest of the cast are amazing too, many of them did others films with Preston Sturges. It has a phrase that John says that I use for my life: "Film is the greatest educational medium the world has ever known".

I believe that the film shows the both sides of the coin. Despite to be important to show the reality of most the people, bring a bit of laugh and moments of joy for those people can be gratifying, as John says at the end:


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