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Black Moon (1975)

                                             Poster of the film.

                                          PS: Contain spoilers.

Black Moon is an european film of 1975 directed by Louis Malle. This movie is extremely bizarre and strange, but at the same time, I was curious and wanted to know what was going to happen in the film. The Criterion Collection  released this movie, and I was even more curious. Not to mention that I love Louis Malle. 

Lily (Cathryn Harrison) is a young girl who is driving a car in a forest until she saw some young people being killed by some uniformed men, but the film doesn't specify who were them. Then she runs away and suffers a car accident. She is fine and suddenly, finds a huge house. A totally different house, isolated from everything else. 

There she sees naked children running around the house, and along the film, we discover that there lives an old lady apparently weak and two couples of brothers. Sister (Alexandra Stewart) and brother (Joe Dallesandro) take care of the children, the animals and the land. There is no communication by words, but by touch and look.

       The brother (Joe Dallesandro) and Lily (Cathryn Harrison).

The old lady (Therese Giehse) is extremely irritating. She is stupid and very pathetic. She's in her room all the time and talks to a rat. And somehow, Lily has just entered into this room. They don’t get along, and their relationship becomes terrible.

Lily is in the middle of it, lost. Trying to understand something that can’t be explained. And me too, trying to understand something, but it has a point that I decided to give up and just see the events of the film.

The film is getting increasingly bizarre and surreal ... a sister breastfeed the old lady (yes I swear she does), and then, Lily herself begins to breastfeed the lady.

The animals, I can't forget them. There are sheeps, pigs and of course, an unicorn. Lily was curious with this unicorn, and since he is the only one who communicates with her in a "decent" way, let's say, she wants to approach him, and when he runs away, she says she doesn't want to be alone, and chases the unicorn. It has an hour of the film, which appears several closes in bugs as well.

                                    Lily with the unicorn.

This is a totally different movie. Louis Malle did something unique, enigmatic. This film is not easy and not for everybody, not really. Well, until today I didn’t make a single conclusion of it, and I finished to watch this film because of the curiosity and fascination it caused me, but not by trying to understand something.

Well, the only thing I can say now is for you to watch this movie. And please, share with me, because I would love to talk about it with someone else.



quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

a poetry to Liv Ullmann...

  Liv Ullmann is a norwegian actress, director and writer. She was more famous for doing Ingmar Bergman's films in the 60s and 70s, in which all them were swedish.

She is one my favorite human beings ever!! The first film I watched with her was Persona and I fell in love with her. Then, I watched more films with Liv and starting to read about her life, what an amazing woman!!! 

I have two best friends (lovely Priscilla and Pedro) who send letters to some famous artists and so, I ended up getting into that. They sent a letter to Liv Ullmann and after one year, they received a reponse of Liv! 

So, last year I did the same, I wrote a letter to Liv and sent to her two photos for autography, and with the help of my friend Pedro (he is brazilian as me and is the owner of this wonderful blog:, here he writes about cinema, specially classic hollywood and others, and if you are a brazilian please check out this), I sended the letter to her!

At the end of this letter, I wrote her a poetry. It was funny, because I wrote this when I was working (on a library), and I just put all my feelings there. 

Liv the garden...

"I used to have a garden, I always wet the plants, give all they need,

But they looked so sad everyday...

They didn't grow up anymore, and I didn't knew what to do.

One day a friend gave to me a seed of daisy, 

And told me that one was really special and would make my garden happy, and the other plants would grow up...

So I planted on the garden and waited.

I gave the daisy, the name of Liv.

A few days later, the daisy started to grow and surprisingly the others flowers grew up too,

They started to shine and show happiness.

And now I got on the conclusion that... 

You are not only a flower on my garden,

You are the whole garden, which is composed by many lovely plants,

Colored flowers, like roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, violets.

The little animals and the human beings come everyday to visit the beauty of the whole garden,

Thanks to the special present of my friend, the little Liv!" 


I hope she can read this one day, it can be silly, but I wrote with my all heart <3

Il Deserto Rosso (1964)

                                 Some poster of the film (in spanish).

              PS: Contain some spoilers but nothing that much haha!
Il Deserto Rosso is an italian film from 1964 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, starring Monica Vitti and Richard Harris (and Irish actor).

Monica Vitti is Giuliana who is married to Ugo (Carlo Chionetti), a guy who works on the industries, they had a child and live in Italy. She suffered a car accident that left her traumatized. Later she meet a friend of her husband, an engineer called Corrado (Richard Harris), who starts to be interested in Giuliana.

        For me, this film not only talks about incommunicability (a recurring theme in Antonioni's films) but anguish, the best word to describe this film is anguish for sure. The husband of Giuliana already has become accustomed with the psychological conditions of her, and even though Corrado wanted to help her, he couldn't, because it was more than the accident, it was something very deep, that was very difficult even for her to understand. 

      In the middle of those machines and smoke, she felt lost, trying to find some way to go, to feel fine, a place that she could belong, and someone who could understand her. She don't find nothing of this, and her anguish consumes her more and more and at the end we can see that she hasn't very much of to do, so will continues to living in that way and feeling alone.

       The photography, the colours of the film are amazing, it works very well and Monica Vitti is in her apex as an actress. She gives all of herself to interpreted Giuliana and show her emotions, seriously, it was one of the best interpretations I've ever seen. 

               Monica Vitti on the film (I love her hair so much on it haha).

I believe this film is not for everybody, and maybe can be a bit monotonous for some people, but if you know Antonioni's work, this movie is not that different from his others but at the same time it's a very unique and special film.


terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

Umberto D. (1952)

The poster of the movie.

I'm a fan of italian cinema, especially the old one and I'm always trying to discover other italian films.

I knew about Umberto D. but never watched and didn’t give so much attention to it, until one day I watched a documentary called "My Voyage to Italy" (later I want to make a post about it) by Martin Scorsese, and so, I started to be really interested in watch this film. It was amazing.

Umberto D. is the name of Umberto Domenico Ferrari, the mainly character of the film. He is an old man who lives in a poor place but he is dumped off, for not having paid the rent of the pension. So what remains for him is try to survive, alongside with his only companion, a dog called Flike.

The film shows the difficulties that Umberto D. faces in the poor part of Italy, dealing with the precarious situations of poverty, not knowing where to go but only trying to live with his dog.

Umberto D. (Carlo Battisti) and his dog Flike.

Maybe I could say that this film is my favorite by the director Vittorio De Sicca. This is one of the most remarkable films of the Italian neorealist cinema, which was a movement that deal with the social and economic reality of the time. The Italian cinema, principaly of that time, is one of my favorites and always touched me very deeply, because of the realism and sensitivity shown in some movies, and Umberto D. is one of them.

I saw this movie in a long time, but I can say that one of the scenes that most touched me was when Umberto loses his dog and does everything to find it, and that scene left me more and more nervous, but he finds Flike and I can breath again!

Movies that deal with old age always touch me, and now more, suddenly because I lost my two grandmothers recently. Umberto D. is interpreted by the Italian Carlo Battisti, who wasn't even an actor, but through his interpretation he acts in a realistic and sensibility way, really wonderful and touching.

I don't have much else to say, just that this film is all about marvelous dialogues and actuations. Through the sadness of this film, you can feel the emotion that this brings to us.


domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2017

Sullivan's Travels (1941)

The poster of the movie (one of my favorite posters).

PS: Contain Spoilers.

Today I'm going to talk about one of the movies that most marked my life. The same is called Sullivan's Travels from 1941 directed by Preston Sturges.

John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea) is a diretor who wants to make a film about social problems, of the lives of the poorest people, who live in a sad reality with precarious conditions. But when the people who works with him tell that he don’t understand this reality, he decides to go on the streets by his own way and try to experience the poverty, the real situtation of those people.

I was a teenager when I saw the film. It was always passing the propaganda of the movie on TCM (of America Latina), and that was the time I was recently into classic movies, discovering new movies, a new world.

What I remember is that the movie was passing at night and I watched in a little TV in my sister’s room. The movie touched me deeply, and I felt more in love with classic hollywood.

I will never forget how excited I was when I watched it, everything on this movie works so well. I love Joel McCrea on the movie, but the person who totally captivated me in this film was the character of Veronica Lake, who doesn’t have a specific name on the movie, just known as "the girl". She is a girl who John meets on snack bar, that wants to be an actress but don't have an opportunity. She's a sweet and good person, maybe she's lost but has many dreams.

Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea.

The characters of Veronica Lake and Joel McCrea has a great chemestry, they pass for many experiencies, they meet new horizons and deal with good and bad situations. The rest of the cast are amazing too, many of them did others films with Preston Sturges. It has a phrase that John says that I use for my life: "Film is the greatest educational medium the world has ever known".

I believe that the film shows the both sides of the coin. Despite to be important to show the reality of most the people, bring a bit of laugh and moments of joy for those people can be gratifying, as John says at the end:


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L'Avventura (1960)

Poster of the film.

Gabriele Ferzetti and Monica Vitti on the film.

PS: Contain spoilers and I don't explain the synopsis of the film.

L’Avventura is an italian film from 1960 directed by Michelangelo Antonioni. I can’t describe how much I love this movie. You may watch and find boring, but with me happened exactly the opposite. I felt so much connected with the story and the characters. The story is basically people trying to find themselves, where they belong and trying to see some sense in all of it. And I believe I can see myself in many of those questionings.

My favorite characters from the movie are Anna and Claudia. The first interpreted by Lea Massari and the second by Monica Vitti. 

Lea Massari is one of my favorite actresses, and she did a marvelous job on this film. Anna is not a person who you can call adorable or compreensive, but she has something that really intrigues me, she sounds so mysterious and you never know what she is really feeling. I believe the focus of the film actually wasn't on the dissapearing of Anna, but I still get myself thinking in what could been happened to her. 

Already Claudia (Monica Vitti), was a very patient and good friend. Compreensive and sweet, she really considered Anna and you can see that she really missed her. Claudia stars to get involved with Sandro (the guy who had a romance with Anna), so she starts to feel in love with him but at the same time confused and at the end she discovers like Sandro, the empty of their lives. Everything could been happened with Anna, but maybe she realized first the empty of her life and went away for some place that no one else could see her, or I don't know. 

I really recommend this movie, and if you didn't watched it and already read this, don't create many expectations, only watch the film and try to feel it. 

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