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Black Moon (1975)

Poster of the film.

PS: Contain spoilers.

Black Moon is an european film of 1975 directed by Louis Malle. This movie is extremely bizarre and strange, but at the same time, I was curious and wanted to know what was going to happen in the film. The Criterion Collection  released this movie, and I was even more curious. Not to mention that I love Louis Malle. 
Lily (Cathryn Harrison) is a young girl who is driving a car in a forest until she saw some young people being killed by some uniformed men, but the film doesn't specify who were them. Then she runs away and suffers a car accident. She is fine and suddenly, finds a huge house. A totally different house, isolated from everything else. 
There she sees naked children running around the house, and along the film, we discover that there lives an old lady apparently weak and two couples of brothers. Sister (Alexandra Stewart) and brother (Joe Dallesandro) take care of the children, the animal…

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